Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wedding Shoe Redux

Alright, ladies.
There's something we need to talk about: your feet. That's right, feet.
Remember how I stressed over THE shoes? I was seconds away from ordering a custom made pair from Milk and Honey before I realized that I was just shy of the 4 week lead time. Knowing customs and knowing the issues I had had with shoes up until this point it wasn't worth the risk.

I found a pair of not too high heels here in town by a coveted British designer. They weren't the initial style I fell in love with, but they matched my dress and surprisingly, the venue. They were also on sale.

But seriously, I should have been looking for a pair of padded slippers. You know why? Because those beautifully detailed white shoes with gold accents were on my feet for 13 whole hours.
That's right.13.
Two of my toes are still numb and my wedding was nearly a month ago. I could hardly walk the next day. You will never know the sweet relief that was the moment I finally ripped those suckers off and slapped a pair of sandals on my feet. Never. Know.

That's the point really. Make sure you never know what it feels like to have nerve damage from the total distraction that is your wedding. Meaning: even though your feet might be killing you, it's easy to forget because at first you are so freaking busy and then you are so freaking happy (and still busy) having the time of your life. You'll be all: Feet? What? Let's party!

Sure, every photo blog shoes the shot of THE SHOES. Frankly I had so many layers of crinoline the only time anyone saw THE SHOES is when I was crossing the street to get photos done.

Our photographer did an amazing job, and I really liked her, but she clearly did not scout before our shoot and towards the end there was a lot of  "let's walk over here...I think I know this place..." which is not what you want to hear when you've already been at it for a couple of hours.
Having a "first look" is great, but it meant I had those damn things on a lot longer than I might have otherwise and I had no contingency plan.

Finding suitable flats felt like an impossibility, but ladies - for the sake of your feet - find a way!

Update: my toes stayed numb for three whole months.  I had an inkling when standing around getting my dress hem pinned. Don't ignore your gut!