Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Stop the ShoeSanity

It's happened. I have officially spent more time shopping for wedding shoes than my wedding dress.
What's the problem you say?
It's two fold: first I'm a size 8. That's right, the world's most commonly shopped out size.
Why don't they make more 8's? Do they think they're aren't enough to support the shoe trade? Lies I tell you. They would still sell out. I dream of size 6 feet so I could shop the shoes of the world without worry.

Last pair in...size 6! Right here!

The other issue is that all the lovely shoes happen to be at least 3 inches high.

From here

No, this is not a problem per se, but I will tower over my husband to be while we stand face to face exchanging vows.
I actually blindfolded him while I tried on my lovely brand new pair of electric blue Colcci's (sadly no photo available) which I mistakenly  thought were the ones. We looked ridiculous.  Ridiculous enough that when I took the blindfold off him he too was laughing in agreement. I also realized in my shopping fever that a size 7 is really not a size 8 and that the shoes were cutting into my feet in a most uncomfortable way.
Back to the store they went and now all I have one of those irritating store credits and no shoes.
The biggest issue (which I clearly avoided when I said it my problem was only two fold) is that I love shoes. Not just any shoes but seemingly those that cost five hundred dollars and up. Oh yes, the more expensive they are the more I seem to gravitate towards them. I don't buy them, unless they are crazy on sale. You can wear just about anything from H&M and make it look amazing when you add a great pair of shoes.

I'm not telling where these are from because you can't have my size 8.
See these shoes? I love them. By the time I pay for the taxes and shipping they will likely cost more than my off the rack wedding dress. Would you do it? Would you spend more than your dress on your shoes?

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