Friday, November 4, 2011

The Wedding Centerpiece: to D.I.Y. or Not?

After casually looking online and in the Toronto Life Wedding Guide I have to say: I was shocked. Bouquets starting at $100? Who knew? But so far that's been the case for with everything to do with weddings: it costs more than you think, and then some.

Battling with a tight budget means deciding what you want vs. what you need, and often paring that list down once again. I've been exploring the options from D.I.Y origami flowers and feather boutonnières (both to be covered in other posts) to making my own floral centerpieces.

The pros? Saving money. I hope. I've been trying to meet with florists to see what I can get for my budget. If nothing else I will have them put together the bouquets as I'd rather not be dragging around a handful of wilted flowers. I was in love with what I saw from Jaiden's Petals, but they are on vacation the weekend of my wedding. I'm hoping to connect with Coriander Girl soon.

The cons? Several. First of all, I'm not a florist. I am a designer however, and the sort that thinks they can figure out anything - which is hardly the case - but I'll certainly give it my all trying. I don't know what quantities to buy for my wedding day, and I don't know how smart it is to be trying to arrange 13 centerpieces at the last minute. We will be getting married later in the day and the venue is large enough for me to go there, put the flowers together and get ready. I have to get ready there anyway, so why not get the flowers ready too? I can also enlist some of my ladies to help me out. Is it crazy? Maybe. Check out how today's experiment went.

What's this?

Thirty-five dollars worth of flowers and berries and stuff that I picked up at Ave and Dav.
I have no idea what the "theme" is or what colours I want at my wedding. I just know that the hall is an unflattering shade of salmon and that I want my ladies to be in black.
I like a lot of different flowers and chose today's bunch around the lovely thistles that happened to be a the store. What do you think? Legit centerpieces or no?

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