Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Wedding Favour

The best part about being engaged? Suggestions and offers. The get handed out like candy, and some of it you want and some of it you want to casually toss in the garbage.
Of course, it's all well- meaning and you never know where a suggestion might lead you, but sometimes you can't help but laugh. For example:

What are they? Swarovski encrusted pens that come apart to reveal a usb key tucked away inside, and they can be engraved! Did I mention they are only $85?
Times 100 guests that equals a fortune. No thanks.
I feel sort of bad trashing them because the person who suggested them happens to like them a lot. I was thinking more along the lines of:

from Martha Stewart Weddings
In fact, the most basic and appealing was one single cookie inside a clear plastic bag with a sticker on it (a link I apparently forgot to save on one of my many obsessive searches).
Done and done.

The risk of something like this however is that I am already thinking of a few things and it seems that if you want to go D.I.Y. and not exhaust yourself, you have to go simple.
I am not simple. I notoriously complicate things, so something as basic as ordering a pen that someone else makes and delivers to me might be a heck of a lot easier than dealing with cookies or making my own centerpieces or...the list goes on.
What's your favourite favour?

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